Wednesday 1 August 2012

AD 11-1989: 141

“Geoffrey Holder and Carmen de Lavallade (in a dress by Holder) pause at the Players Club.”
Photographer: Harry Benson

AD 11-1989: 60

“New York: Peter Matthiessen – Old Hometown”
Quote: Peter Matthiessen

AD 11-1989: 145

“Robert A.M. Stern descending the staircase at the National Academy of Design: ‘Going up or down you feel like a million bucks – maybe more, given inflation.’”
Photographer: Harry Benson

AD 11-1989: 114

“Lingerie, nightwear, slippers, accessories, fragrance, bed and bath.”
Company: Natori

AD 11-1989: 143

“Restauranteur Elaine Kaufman admires a 19th-century diamond necklace at Fred Leighton, Ltd.”
Photographer: Harry Benson

AD 11-1989: 155

“‘This is where I find tranquillity and order in life,’ explains Jay Spectre, browsing the mezzanine gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop.”
Photographer: George Obremski

AD 02-1985: 3

“Quality. It’s as important in diamonds as in anything else you own … Give her the ultimate. A quality diamond of a carat or more.”
Company: DeBeers

AD 02-1985: 67

“Mrs. Cartland pauses in the candlelit entrance hall in a gown of characteristic hue: ‘If I don’t wear pink, people think I’m unhappy.’”
Photographer: Derry Moore

AD 02-1985: 181

Company: Casa Bella

AD 05-1989: 87

“FULL FLAVOR – Regular and Menthol.”
Company: Benson & Hedges

AD 05-1989: 137

“‘At Yeakel’s I can find everything from 14th- to 18th-century English, French and American furniture to Chinese Export porcelain,’ says Val Arnold, seated in a circa 1715 armchair.”
Photographer: Jim McHugh

AD 12-1982: 33

“Tourmaline®, the world’s finest natural pale beige American mink.”
Company: EMBA Mink

AD 12-1982: 75

“A Gentle Setting for the Supernatural – An author’s secluded villa in northern Italy.”
Quote: Gian Piero Bona

AD 12-1982: 212

“Magical harmony. Glazed goatskin accessories and desk by Tura.”
Company: Fran Murphy Inc.

AD 12-1982: 108

“Theoni V. Aldredge works on costume sketches in her one-room Manhattan pied-à-terre.”
Photographer: Peter Vitale