Friday 24 November 2017

AD 05-1984: 288

"The best tan anywhere can be had in your home."
Company: Wolff System SCA

AD 05-1984: 261

"A pure wool fantasy from the magic needle of Edward Fields"
Company: Edward Fields

AD 05-1984: 279

Company: Directional

AD 05-1984: 246

"Derek Crowther pauses amid the various remnants he has saved."
Photographer: Derry Moore

AD 05-1984: 223

"Gloria Vanderbilt for Murjani"
Company: Murjani

AD 05-1984: 266

"An exciting international event!"
Company: Warner Wallcoverings & Fabrics

AD 05-1984: 304

"You never thought you'd see a toilet seat quite like this."
Company: Kohler

AD 05-1984: 79

"Now it's your turn to curl up in one of Cannon Royal Family line of coordinated bed fashions."
Company: Cannon Mills