Frasier: Ah Todd, come on in.
Todd: Hey, Fras, I just need to know the name of the chick who made
our couch.
Frasier: Oh, right – it’s a reproduction of the one Coco Chanel had in
her Paris atelier. [Todd exhales] But why?
Todd: The writer from “Architectural Digest” wants to know.
Frasier: “Architectural Digest?”
Todd: They’re doing a huge cover story on my apartment! And I
have you to thank for it, buddy! Well, I got to go, the
photographer’s waiting. Later.
[Todd leaves, closing the door. Frasier slowly turns around,
apoplectic – mouth gaping, body convulsing, unable to speak.
Martin looks at him worriedly. Frasier rushes around the
Written by Gayle Abrams
Production Code: 8.4.
Episode Number in Production Order: 170
Original Airdate: 14th November 2000.